This film was made for the Four Points Film Project 2019.
Character: Sam or Sheila Bedford
Occupation: Game Show Host
Prop: Flag
Line: “That is very interesting.”
In three days, we were required to write, shoot, and edit this short film. A specific character, line of dialogue, and prop were required along with a genre of “Sci-Fi” adding to the layers of difficulty. I’m so very proud of how this movie turned out, and eternally grateful to all of the below people who worked on it. They did an amazing job.
Directed by:
Christian Pizzirani –
Assistant Directed by:
Evelyn Huynh –
Written by:
Evelyn Huynh –
Christian Pizzirani –
Sound by:
Patrick Tisdale
Production Assistant:
Trisha Uyeda
Christian Pizzirani –
Director of Photography:
Christian Pizzirani –
Matt Singer –
Valerie Singer
Shot with the Sony A7III
Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CC
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