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Christian Pizzirani

So you’re here. Wow. This is quite special. Very special really. So, um, where to begin?

Some people call me funny. Or a filmmaker. Or a funny filmmaker. I’m often called tall. You’ll usually see me taking a lot of pictures or drinking sparkling water. I actrun, and eat cookies, though not at the same time. I have the cutest Border Collie mix doggo ever and I own every R.E.M. album.

I have way too many hobbies.

I studied film and television during a brief, 7 year stint in college. My passion is filmmaking, something I’ve done since I was in junior high school when camcorders used tape and were still called, “camcorders”. I was the kid in school who would opt to not do a diorama or poster with his English project, but instead made a short film. At the time, this was revolutionary! However, these days it seems far more common (everyone has a camera now on their phone now! Technology!) I continue to make short films and I’m sure you’ll see them posted now and again here, but you can find all of them on my YouTube channel.
Throughout high school and college, I acted a little here and there in my short films or in others; nothing serious though. Shortly after college, the shyness subsided (I was very shy growing up) and I took to the stage for a few plays. I immediately was bit by the acting bug. Now I’m addicted; I love to be on the stage (or film) when given the opportunity and time.
It was filmmaking and being around cameras that led to a shift towards still photography which is where I spend a lot of my time today. I am privileged and honored to work with several theater companies in and around the San Jose Bay Area, taking promo and production photos of their performances. I also work on headshots, events, and nature photography.