Every workplace needs to be ready for an emergency, but just how do you prepare for the unknown? Jerry Sanders of Perkins Office Solutions has figured that out, but maybe to the extreme. Enjoy this mockumentary where we see how one office tackles the age old issue of office emergency preparedness! 
Prepped was the winner of BEST FILM, BEST EDITING, and BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR for Angie Higgins!
Made for the 2019 48 Hour Film Project in San Jose, CA. Prepped is a Mockumentary with the following requirements:
Genre: Mockumentary
Character: Abe or Alana Sangamore, hotel employee
Line of Dialogue: "I don't believe a word you're saying."
Prop: Safety Glasses/Safety Goggles
Directed by: Christian Pizzirani - https://twitter.com/brunojohn
Assistant Directed by: Evelyn Huynh - https://twitter.com/sleepyeve
Written by:
Laura Domingo 
Kyle Scollin - https://twitter.com/kylescollin
Sound by: 
Andrew Sha
Production Manager:
Trisha Uyeda
Script Supervisors:
Patrick Tisdale
Dawn Cates
Seton Chiang
Janine Burgener
Charles Woodson Parker
Angie Higgins
Erik Browne
Jim Woodbury
Jennifer Medeiros
Tom Shamrell
This version was uploaded with one edit:
* Revised title card.
Shot on the Sony FS5 with Rokinon lenses.
Behind the scenes photos:
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