Made for the 2018 48 Hour Film Project in San Jose, CA. Ed, Joy, and Dr. Malloy is a Superhero Film with the following requirements: 
Genre: Superhero Character: Ed or Edwina Griesman, Dance Instructor
Line of Dialogue: "Can you keep a secret?"
Prop: Paint Brush
Directed by: Christian Pizzirani -
Assistant Directed by: Evelyn Huynh -
Sound by: Adam Weinstein
Gino Villamaria
Lighting by: Doan Kieu 
Art Department: Kyle Scollin -
Felipe Yulis - 
Production Managers: Trisha Uyeda
Michelle Marko
Script Supervisor: Monica Alegre 
Still Photographer: Keenan Flagg - 
Cast: Angie Higgins
Tom Shamrell
Ambera DeLash 
This version was uploaded with three edits:
* Revised title card.
* Flashbacks to black and white
* Added one credit
Shot on the Sony FS5 with Rokinon lenses.
Behind the scenes photos:
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